Annie Benedict


My name is Annie Benedict. I started Annie's Playcare January of 1991. I started out watching neighbors children, and by word of mouth my daycare has become what it is today. My goal is to provide for the needs of all children, regardless of developmental ability or need, and to get children off to a good start when it comes to their education and future endeavors. I have raised 2 beautiful children. My daughter was born in 1990 and my son in 1994. Both have become very successful adults and have made their mom and dad very proud.

Barry Benedict


Barry has worked for Annie's Playcare since February of 2012. Barry previously worked as a dock worker for 18 years. His place of employment was consolidating his department in an already established department and were finding him things to do. At the same time Annie's Playcares previous assistant was going to open her own daycare. Barry decided to leave his place of employment after 18 years and come work with Annie's Playcare. It was the best decision we ever made. All the children and families love him. Barry has been a perfect asset to Annie's Playcare. Barry brings to Playcare a lot of knowledge and loves to cook with the children, in fact He does all the cooking for Playcare. Barry has a real knack with children. No matter where we go children seem to flock around him.


Part Time assistant

Bethany has her degrees in early childhood education. She has a sweet loving disposition that the children love and enjoy. Bethany helps with the planning and creating of the preschool as well as works in the toddler and infant areas. She has been with Playcare since 2021. Bethany currently works Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 7:30-12:30. When Bethany comes through the door to start her shift, she brightens up the facility.

RIP Ryely Rose Benedict

Clean Up Crew

RIP 9/8/22. She lived to be 18 years and will always be remembered as we all miss her terribly!! Ryely was in daycare since she was born in 2004. Ryely was a black lab/border collie mix. She went for some very extensive puppy training and it had paid off, we couldn't ask for a better dog. Ryely had grown up in the daycare. She was always there to welcome you in the morning. The children can crawl all over Ryely and pull her tail and ears and she handled it like a champ. She was very proud of her job position here at Playcare. She waited very patiently in the playroom for the children to finish eating. After meals Ryely would go in and performed her clean up duty on the floor. Those children left behind many treats for Ryely. Must be why she loved the children so much. She was always up to date on her vaccines and also had her dog license.

Holland “Holly” Brooke

Chaos Coordinator

Holly was born 7/29/2022. She has made a great asset to Playcare. The children chase her all around the yard and get their work outs together. She loves the special treats the children leave behind after each meal. Holly is a black lab. She is up to date on all her vaccines and is also licensed with the town. As she grows she will become the children’s best friend. Welcome to Playcare Holly.