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Annie's Playcare has been in business for over 30 years.  When I was growing up I realized that childhood friends and bonding was one of lifes greatest treasures.  The great thing about Playcare is the wonderful love and friendships that each child acquires here.  We strive to make every learning aspect in their young lives a foundation for their growth and development and get them off to a great start in their future endeavors.  We do that by showing them sharing,  presenting, and a lot of hands on experiences that they will be able to use in their everyday lives.  We make learning fun!  We offer a preschool program that helps prepare them for Kindergarten, its a lot of hands on projects which includes coloring, painting, cutting and pasting.  We have a daily calendar routine as well as a book of the day, weather, circle time with songs and finger plays.  We learn our letters, numbers, shapes and colors.  Everything they will need to bring with them when they walk through those front doors for Kindergarten.